Low-E KE-74 Series
Low-E KE-74 Series
  • In Double Glazed Units only.
  • Available in pre-tempered only: cut-to-size by SAG.
  • Edge deletion required.
  • This is a standard Low-E range in which the coating position can be on surface #2 (KE-742) for cooling dominated environments or on surface #3 (KE-743) for heating-dominated environments. Solar resistance varies according to tint of outer pane.

K-LITE KE-74 is an MSVD sputtered Low-E glass with a nominal light transmission of 74%. The coating is neutral/low reflective and retains the appearance of clear or body-tinted glass. It is ideal for applications requiring subdued colours, loe reflectance and abundant daylight. As a result, K-LITE KE-742/743 is highly effective in blocking the transmission of heat in the near and far infrared (IR) wavebands of the solar spectrum and thus provides excellent resistance to ambient conducted heat-transfer (outdoor-indoor temperature difference). However, K-LITE KE-742/743 Low-E glass is quite transparent to direct solar radiant energy and does not have significant solar control capability in the typical Gulf environment.

K-LITE KE-742/743 is therefore suitable for glazed opening which require a high degree of visual transparency and low reflectance, but may not meet the current requirements of local and national building codes, or the current requirements of green-building rating systems, such as LEED or ESTIDAMA, for solar energy resistance in hot climatic conditions with minimum cloud-cover.

K-LITE KE-742/743 is an insulated glass product and cannot be used in single glazing. Edge-deletion of KE-742/743 is necessary prior to fabrication of insulated units.

Spandrel Panels

Due to the high light transmission characteristics of the KE-742/743 range, it is recognized that the colour-uniformity between vision and non-vision areas of a typical curtainwall design will not be achieved. It is therefore necessary to use a harmonizing or contrasting glass spandrel option:

  • double glazed unit of the same outer pane and coating position as used for the vision glazing to control “read-through”, an all-over ceramic frit paint usually white, grey or black, can be applied on surface #4 or, alternatively by a shadow-box comprising an insulated back-pan with a suitably painted finish.
  • Single glazed K-LITE reflective high performance solar control glass to complement the appearance of the K-LITE KE-742/743 vision glass, and by a shadow-box comprising an insulated back-pan with a suitably painted finish.