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Glass is the ideal material used for cladding building facades. It allows natural daylight to pass in and enables occupants to get clear, unimpeded, vision out. However, unless it is properly controlled it is not an effective barrier to the passage of both heat and cold.

Security & Protection
Security glass is a fortified glass or glass alternative which protects a property's most vulnerable entryways and customer contact points. Some security glass will even remain trapped within its frame after it's been broken.

SAG Interior Solutions
Decorative glass is a form of glass art. Glass art is typically classified as big in size and entirely made of glass. Decorative glass is most often used for interior use in restaurants, hotels, and homes. Decorative glass offers an incredible opportunity to have a one of a kind artistic glass piece in your home.
Our Projects
Kingdom Tower KR1 on CLear 52,000 Sqm
World Trade Center BahrainKR I Blue on Clear 46,200 Sqm
AKH Tower Dammam Architecture, Interior Design, 3d Modeling
Al Waseel Hills Compound NN50 Grey 50,000 Sqm
Corniche Dreams AB14 & AB30 on Clear 10,200 Sqm
Dr Suleiman Al Habib Hospital Al Arryan KR1 on Green
Durrat Al Bahrain Optima Silver 47 on Green 66,500Sqm
Elegance Tower ABILR19 on Clear 20,000 Sqm
GOSI Office Park Optima 47 on Azurlite 70,000 Sqm
KAPSARC KE742 Grey 8,000Sqm
Kingdom Hospital SS20 on Green 3,000 Sqm
SABIC HQ DB08 on Clear 7,000 Sqm
Saudi American Glass
Quality Policy Statement

Customer satisfaction coupled with seamless provision of quality products, effective services and compliance to national and international standards and regulatory measures is at the heart of SAGCO management’s top priorities.

Continually improving the effective implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 by ensuring operational efficiencies with risk management frame work is another important aspect of the business.

Provision of a healthy and safe working environment and training enhancement of employees, improvising skill sets in order to achieve quality workmanship and excellent product output has also been central at SAGCO management.

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