Multi-Functional Low-E
Optima Multi-Functional Low-E
  • In Double Glazed Units only.
  • Available in pre-tempered only: cut-to-size by SAG.
  • Edge deletion required.
  • Coating position: surface #2.
  • K-LITE Optima series is design to provide good solar resistance combined with good thermal insulation and is suitable for a cooling-dominated environment where good SHGC an U-value performance are required to ensure lower solar heat gain and optimum efficiency of air-conditioning equipment.

K-LITE Optima has been developed as a range of Low-E which have a neutral silver appearance when applied onto clear glass. The K-LITE Optima range of two coating options – Optima Neutral and Optima Silver – provides a multi-functional capability with good solar resistance and excellent thermal insulation, summer or winter. At the same time, K-LITE Optima allows generous transmission of light with moderate-to-low internal reflection, giving the appearance of clear or tinted glass when viewed from inside.

K-LITE Optima is an insulated glass product with the coating on surface 2 and cannot be single glazed. Edge-deletion of the Optima coating is necessary prior to fabrication of insulated units.

Spandrel Panels

The K-LITE Optima range of multi-functional Low-E glass is characterized by medium-to-high light transmission values. As a result, variable “read-through” of structural elements, blinds, curtains, luminaries, etc. may occur in normal daytime conditions and colour-uniformity may not be achieved between vision and non-vision areas in typical curtainwall designs.

It is therefore necessary to consider either a harmonizing, or contrasting spandrel option when using the K-LITE Optima range. Two spandrel options are available for use with K-LITE Optima Low-E vision glass:

  • A double glazed unit of the same outer pane and coating position as used for the vision glazing to control “read-through”, an all-over ceramic frit paint usually white, grey or black, can be applied on surface #4 or, alternatively by a shadow-box comprising an insulated back-pan with a suitably painted finish.
  • Single glazed K-LITE reflective high performance solar control glass to complement the appearance of the K-LITE Optima vision glass, and by a shadow-box comprising an insulated back-pan with a suitably painted finish.

K-LITE Optima Series – 6 mm Clear Outer Pane | 12 mm Air | 6 mm Clear Inner Pane

K-LITE Optima Series – 6 mm Clear Outer Pane | 16 mm Air | 6 mm Clear Inner Pane


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